SharpVectors throws DomException when loading the specific svg file

SharpVectors throws DomException when loading the specific svg file

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Troubles with embegged images

Hi all, Sorry for the bad english (in the USSR there was no foreign languages). I have troubles with embedded images. Option A: .svg file with embedded image (created from Corel Draw 13). The im...

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Please, add Binding support

Current version does not support Binding feature, please add this feature useful for dynamic generation of elements with an .svg image source. Thank you.

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When convert to image with text path it will not aligned to middle

I'm converting svg to image and when i have svg text with text path with text-anchor='middle' it dose not work when converting to mage. my SVG is perfectly work in browser but after convert to i...

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Considering the viewbox in the SVG

Hello, I'm trying to show an SVG within certain bounds. But depending on the SVG the icon should sometimes appear smaller than other icons - only the SVG itself knows how large it actually is. My ...

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SvgFontUri in xaml + SvgStopElement

Hi, Created xaml file contains wrong font path. This code <GlyphRun.GlyphTypeface> <GlyphTypeface FontUri="{svg:SvgFontUri c:\windows\fonts\segoeuib.ttf}" StyleSimulations="ItalicSimula...

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WF - Hosting SharpVectors WPF

HeyHo Paul, it is nice that you tried to help me, but it aint saying me anything right now. It would be very nice if you could show me what you are meaning. My situation is that we have complete ...

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Transparent colors

It looks like FileSvgReader does not process transparent colors. Setting "style='fill:transparent'" makes it white, and #AARRGGBB format is not supported. Is there anything I'm missing?

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GDI Null reference exception when GetBBox called on Text element

In the GdiGraohicsRender this code; private SvgRectF GetElementBounds(SvgTransformableElement element, float margin) { SvgRenderingHint hint = element.RenderingHint; ...

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GDI broken?

Been looking at the GDI renderer and hit a problem so tried with the samples and they give the same error. Inheritance security rules violated while overriding member: 'SharpVectors.Renderers.Gdi....

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